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Have the right cable tie tool on-hand for every application! Our selection of top quality cable tie tools here at Cable Ties Express includes a wide range of highly reliable cable tie gun and cable tie installation tool solutions that will make quick and easy work of any cable bundling or wire organization job.

From lightweight cable tie installation tools to ultra-durable heavy duty cable tie mounting tool solutions, our vast inventory of cable tie tool products and accessories makes installing and mounting a broad assortment of cable ties a fast and effective process in virtually any environment. Regardless of your specific application needs, each of these cable tie tools was specifically designed to make cable tie installation a brief and efficient process every time!

With cable tie tool solutions ideal for a tremendous range of small, medium and heavy-duty projects, the installation of cable ties can be quickly completed in only a few simple steps! Request a quote for cable tie tools now! For more information, simply call us toll-free at 866-273-0190 to speak with a knowledgeable Cable Ties Express representative!

This lightweight and easy-to-use cable tie tool is specifically designed for use with cable ties ranging from 18 - 50lbs. and is perfect for everyday cable and wire bundling jobs around the house. Simply cinch the tie to your desired bundle the twist the wire tie tool to remove any excess.
Available in both plastic and metal, this heavy-duty cable tie tool is best suited for the installation of cable ties ranging from 18 - 50 lbs. Ideal for a wide range of applications, this cable tie gun has an automatic cut-off and adjustable tensioning for perfect cable tie installation every time.
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The perfect solution for quick and simple installation of larger cable ties ranging from 120 - 175 lbs., this ultra-heavy duty cable tie tool is easy-to-use and highly efficient. Just cinch the tie to your desired bundle then pull the cable tie gun trigger to remove the excess flush at the cable tie head.

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